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The Complete Works of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, F. M. Dostoevsky 1894 -1895

"The Complete Works of Fyodor Dostoevsky 
St. Petersburg, Edition A. F Marx,  1894-1895
One of the best sets of collected works of  the great writer and thinker Fyodor Dostoevsky printed in pre-revolutionary Russia.  
Here is a complete set (volumes 1  to 12) in twelve half-leather bindings. With lettering on the spine. In general volumes are in good to very good condition. First volume has a aging stains on the title page.  Otherwise only minor stains to none through the rest of the pages and pages in the other volumes.  First volume has the portrait of the writer. 
Books are from the collection of  Ludwig August Deubner. The font end-paper of each volume has a nicely decorative ex-libris on it.  Ludwig August Deubner (born February 3, 1877 in Riga, † March 25, 1946 in Berlin) was a German classical scholar and theologian.
There is also a stamp in each volume which statses " Elizabeth Poletaeva teacher, Voznesenskiy shelter"   
Volume 1. Poor people. - Double. - A Novel in Nine Letters. Novels and Stories: The landlady. - Weak heart. - Someone else's wife and the husband under the bed. - An Honest Thief and others 1894. 1 sheet PORTRAIT
Volume 2. Tale Stories: White nights. - Netochka Nezvanova. - Uncle's Dream. - Little Hero. - The Village of Stepanchikovo et al 1894
Volume 3. Notes from the Dead house - Player. Novels and Stories: A bad anecdote. - Winter Notes on Summer Impressions. - Notes from the Underground, etc. 1894
Volume 4. The Insulted and Injured. - The Eternal Husband. 1894
Volume 5. Crime and Punishment. 1894. 
Volume 6. Idiot. 1894.
Volume 7. Demons. 1895. 1 sheet of the facsimile.
Volume 8. teenager. 1895. 
Volume 9. Critical articles. - Diary of a Writer for 1873. - Political section. - Applications. 
Tom 10. Diary of a Writer for 1876. 1895.
Tom 11. Diary of a Writer for 1877. 1895. 
Volume 12. The Brothers Karamazov. 1895. 

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