Monday, June 29, 2015

Hello my readers

Hello my readers,

This is my first post in this blog. The motivation and idea to create this blog came from one of my latest hobbies which is collecting rare/antique books from garage sales, flea markets, antique shops etc. and online from amazon and ebay. As space in my living room (and probably in yours as well ) has a finite capacity I always try to choose books which have something special. I will share with you some skills I learned over the last years of "book hunting" and what to look for when selecting a good hunt for your collection. With the advancement of technology many readers moved to a virtual space and more and more substitute the physical books with electronic carriers, such as Kindle, iPad, etc. Some of them get rid of the books the first chance they get to free space for something fancier. And this is a good chance for us to build a collection as among the books which end up in the street for sale one could find a treasures. The task is to learn how to distinguishes this treasures from the wast amount of wastepaper. In general the price for the books in the streets is usually few EURO/USD  or even less (learn how to bargain and it will be less for sure) so you are not loosing much even if you pick up a rubbish (read it and always recycle !). But unless you have a large space to allocate for books I will try to be selective.  So lets start !  I will start by sharing post about my finds and tell you why and how I got them.

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